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Write get paid

How to white for profit
The High Demand for Writing Online

The Internet is a vast network of information, and 90% of that information is written. Web masters and advertisers need fresh content all the time, and you can be the source of that content.

How to white for profit
Articles are needed for websites that sell everything from llama fur to tumbleweeds. Because of the wide variety of topics out there, you can always find something new to write about.

Tips for Writing for the Internet

Before you start looking for writing jobs, you need to know how to write for the Internet. It's different than how you'd write for school, or even for a newspaper. Online writing must be accessible to anyone. The average person with an 8th grade reading level must be able to understand what you're talking about.

This is why you need to keep your vocabulary simple. An easy rule is that if you don't use the word in everyday conversation, don't use it. Make your writing read like you are talking to the audience.

You'll also need to keep your paragraphs short. Looking at a computer screen can make your eyes tired fast. Your reader needs to get the information in small chunks so reading your article doesn't overwhelm them.

All you'll need to get started is an e-mail address, a paypal account and samples. Writing samples should be between 300 and 500 words, the average length of the articles you'll be writing. Make sure to showcase your ability to write about different topics. Three to five writing samples should be enough to start getting assignments.

Finding Online Writing Jobs

You can make money, writing articles online in many different ways. You can find writing jobs through bidding sites like Elance.com and RentACoder.com. These sites help buyers and writers connect. Buyers post their jobs and then you bid on them. Using one of these sites can be the safest way to get started online, because they guarantee you'll get paid.

You can also network with Internet marketers and web masters. Find forums where independent web masters meet, like thewarriorforum.com, and offer your services as a writer. Most are glad to outsource writing projects to you.

Once you've established yourself as a reputable writer, you can start your own website. Your website can hold samples, your rate scale and contact information. Pretty soon, word will spread about your skills and you'll be busy full time.
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